My One-Night Stand with a Butterfly‘ is probably my favorite album of 2014. A song that’s only accessible to people who know one of its lyrics.

I’m sure that’s all true… but it’s also an example of how things change. The music and the lyrics will always change.

We have to move, and we have to change. So will we have to move away from this country, to something that’s completely foreign, not even from our own family, but from the one I was raised in? That’s the question we’re asking now, and I think we’re probably in a pretty dangerous position to just keep talking about, which doesn’t make it all okay… to talk about, which doesn’t make us okay…

I’ve heard that it is.

Now that we know our country, and the things we feel are here, and this country isn’t the last to be colonized, I wonder how much of this has happened over the years, what it said about us, where our values, our values are relative to these other countries. I wonder how that makes it seem.

It’s not about sex, drugs or rock ‘n’ roll; it’s about art, love, family, friendship, art and a simple concept: the beauty inside of a human. I’ve gotten lots of email from artists wanting to collaborate or just collaborate with me, but there is a reason that this particular one has got so many more readers. The reason is because of my “Betta Fish.”

The concept is simple. It’s about how our relationships affect our health. To me, that doesn’t even have to be art. I love how everyone around me talks about their love of art, but nothing has a chance to work without having an impact if it is simply an individual interaction – that is just a one-night stand. My song ‘Moms at Work’ is about one such encounter. “I met my best friend (on my Betta Fish”). He’s my best friend, but he’ll never tell me the difference because he always thought of me as my ‘boyfriend’.”

That’s the essence of ‘Betta Fish.’ He knew a lot more than he thought he did, and he loved me for being me and not trying to be more, without feeling like he was controlling the person he was with.

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