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Be a Specialist in Traveling with Your Mountain Bike

Go to the Biking School! (This school is just down the hall from The Bicycle School.) Get our guide to getting to the University of Waterloo and get a sense of where to go to get the best transportation possible.

We are also looking for volunteers. If we have room to hire additional staff to help with the website, we might. Volunteers are essential for keeping the site running, updating the curriculum, and making this site accessible to everyone.

If you’re traveling with a bike we highly recommend that you take time out of your daily routine to travel together with me, because they’re the lifeblood of my business and the people who rely on them every day.

In the past we have had some great members from New Zealand coming for the course, in a couple of years we are expecting even more! More importantly we are looking for members from all over. As soon as possible, if you have already booked a time, we will get in touch.

Please note that the class is for general use, however each member can complete various sections of the curriculum while travelling with their Mountain Bike. We encourage you to bring along an extra bike to complete the course, as they can be of use, particularly if your bike has already been checked out/checked out and is still not ready for mountain biking.

During this stage we want to keep it simple, and focus on the basic techniques found in mountain biking, but it’s an exciting time to be riding the bike.

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