There exist many similar, albeit lesser known, forms of art. The artwork used in The Black Forest is a prime example. The black forest consists of a large number of mountains, fields, lakes, and waterfalls. In the center of each of the mountains is a stone, where a stone cut of ice is in place. The waterfalls are in the form of streams made of water in a frozen state.

These waterfalls are linked by one connecting waterfall, which is the source of the ice that forms a conduit to the other two. This stone was carved by the Elves of the White Forest, and carved by the Elves of Gondor.

This stone was used for the “Tree of Life” and “Tree of Memory.” There are also similar works of art found that have a more earthly appearance, although that is not to say they were never of an architectural or artistic nature.

These works of art may have been created by the Elves of Elvish descent.

To bring some of your new insights into light, we’ve teamed up with illustrator Kevin Murphy to present these fascinating new illustrations that illuminate a much more important aspect of the life of the Ancient Greeks.
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