The Metropolis is indeed an ancient city, but this would not explain why it looks like a city of a million square feet, and not another of the great ancient cities of Greek or Roman antiquity. There are many theories for what caused this. For instance, there was an event known as the fall of Atlantis that happened somewhere between the second century BCE and the fourth century CE.

What do we find in all this ancient knowledge? Most Greek and Roman monuments are much less complex and, in many cases, almost impossible to identify. The Metropolis is a monument that dates to the middle ages. It is a great stone monument of the Iron Age, an ancient city built in the form of a walled district. The ancient Greek writers were far more detailed with the monuments they created and did not only discuss the nature of the walls, but they spoke about a great many other buildings of this great civilization. I will mention just one of the other famous monuments, the great pyramid or pyramids built by the Sumerians. This great pyramid, known as the Great Pyramid, is in Iraq, and was located on the south side of the mountain known as Mount Sinir.
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