So what exactly was so hard about “Not Your Business”? The bottom line: If you’re a small business looking to grow online, it’s tough. It takes a lot of resources, effort and money. In fact, your success will be measured by whether you can get your content delivered on time — as opposed to just getting it through your “recreational” business — even once you’ve created your business (remember all the times you say you don’t want to make money?).

You may be thinking that’s because you’re not making money, so the idea is ridiculous. That said, one thing that never changes is that it’s hard to stay out of your own little bubble.

At one point a friend of mine who was a graphic designer just started a blog named “How To Make A Living Online.” He was a big time content creator, but his content took him all over Europe and the USA and it was completely non-existent in the UK. We’d meet up and I’d talk to him or her all over again in his or her native language.

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