The car itself is replaced with a brand new, working model. A car we have been building before because it is a tool. A tool that works a lot better than we imagined it to work in the past or even in our dreams.

It’s a way to get our daily fix of driving the same motor we have been making for nearly thirty years, just to see how it turns out. The car itself is a nice, quiet little machine that we can drive around and enjoy for hours on end without worrying about the engine, gears or anything else, and then, to add to that, it has a lot of fun while it’s charging.

BMW Car Manufactory (Daimler AG) confirmed it had signed a £500 million contract for the new generation BMW 7 Series. “This agreement will help us bring in more innovative models and products that will appeal to and satisfy the high-volume customers who are enjoying our range of new models and we are already meeting with a number of other manufacturers”.

The firm has also signed an agreement with McLaren to produce a car in future. To date there has been very little news on how this deal would work out, although the deal with McLaren appears to be aimed at helping McLaren develop the new 7 Series car from within the BMW Group.

According to the report, BMW had offered ‘considerable cash incentives’ to McLaren, but ‘that proved difficult for them to accept, due to competitive forces in some countries, particularly in Germany’. In return, McLaren would have been able to develop a car as close to the M9 as possible (i.e. only include the optional carbon fibre carbonfibre roof), and have access to BMW’s research and development centre and design facilities. BMW and McLaren were reportedly unhappy with the deal, although the firm has so far denied making any financial offer.

We’ll have to wait to see what happens next. BMW’s M Division is currently producing the M Coupe, the M3, and the M3s GT Coupes.

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