Month: August 2019

  1. Development
There are also ways to easily detect objects in complex programs without even doing the object detection yourself. For example, to detect arrays, you have to know exactly what values they contain (this will be explained in more detail later). How to easily do Object Detection with Javacsript Consider the following JavaScript code. The variable […]
  1. Design
  2. Gallery
The best time with your friends is the weekdays! We’re celebrating our Bubble Time milestone of 5 years! We’re hosting a bubble-stamp party on Tuesday night featuring live entertainment, face painting, bubble balloons, bubble rings, and a giant Bubble Time teddy bear! Be sure to bring: A bubble-stamp to mark your arrival at the party! […]
  1. Marketing
As VR technology is evolving, it is challenging for designers to use it effectively. Even with years of experience, many traditional design professionals feel stuck, unable to push the limits of immersion, and not able to create virtual prototypes of what they want. In fact, a lot of these conventional industry professionals feel like the […]
  1. Design
You’ll learn and apply these tools, and help us get better. You’ll learn about the basics of writing, editing, visual and audio skills, which will help you to: Create more content. Write more professionally. Make better decisions about your work and what your goals should be. In addition, we’ll explain how to make your work […]

DIY Tutorials

Makeup application can be a complicated business, as we all follow our own set of rules and protocol when it comes to putting our faces on. Step 1: Moisturize or apply a primer To complete your Maybelline Eyeshadow Line with these new collections, we suggest a matte lid pencil, three matte eyeshadow palettes, a mid-tone […]
Rock n’ Roll — Your Action Plan Bike Repair Guide” and “Tube Repair Guide”. Another handy tool is the small color code marked standard size paints on the tube that will help you quickly spot the situation: red = damaged, blue = blocked, yellow = overcoat. When it comes to tube repair, the best time […]
Looking for a last-minute homemade Christmas gift idea? We’ve found the easiest DIY Christmas gifts you can make for everyone on your list. In This Article: Make a list. Find the best tools you need. Ornaments from paper. Ornaments from wood. #1 – Make a lis My contribution was a not-so-special, yet very beautiful bracelet […]

Art & Design

Urban billboard design is a modern art form that has been around for almost a century and its popularity is rising, but you might not know this because your average billboard’s design isn’t very interesting. While billboards are most often designed to be simple, effective and colorful, it’s not unusual for a billboard to have elements […]
Accelerate your success by working with a mentor. Select an area of expertise, complete your profile then start chatting with your mentor right away. It takes less than three minutes to get started. Mentors can help encourage positive choices, promote high self-esteem, support academic achievement and introduce new ideas. Testing the design Usability testing7Usability testin […]

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