There are three main types of tattooing to choose from when it comes to a good one for your body:

Traditional Traditional tattooing is the tattooing done by the hands on the skin of the body. This is the most common mode of tattooing. It is done to show off your body without putting anything in it such as tattoos, decorations and marks.

Modern Modern tattooing is the tattooing done by means of laser and computer tattooing. This is done using the most advanced techniques, so that it is also a bit more professional and a bit more elegant of an alternative.

Ombre Ombre tattooing is the most traditional and a bit difficult to master. The process of ombre tattooing involves making the tattoo the shape of a small flower and not doing any shading technique. This is very important for tattooing people with skin sensitive to certain colors or to create a specific effect in the design.

The tattoo industry is booming. A report by Euromonitor International shows that the number of tattoo parlours in the UK has more than trebled in a decade to an estimated 22.

This increased number of outlets means they can produce a large volume of tattoos in a short space of time. The industry also produces a large number of highly visible colours – most commonly of the bright orange variety with the words (often) used in the place of the colour.

The quality of a tattoo varies widely because of a number of factors – a number of artists have different skills and the cost (per unit) is an essential factor that must be taken into account. There are different styles of colours, different methods of tattooing and very strong marketing to support any particular brand.

This means that there is also an array of “toucher” products offered by individual artists and companies. These products include ink cartridges that are applied to the skin and then applied to tattoos.

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