To make your picture frame, choose a background image. I recommend to choose a portrait picture that shows off your home. You can also go for something like white walls or pictures of flowers. Then create a background color (or color blending between the two colors). If you can’t choose the background color and want to add some flair, you can add sparkle or color splattering to your picture.

Then draw a picture. The picture is important for my project because I can easily share this thing to my friends. That is why for this step I used a picture of a little boy sitting on a bed sitting on a baby’s head. The scene shows us a little boy, crying over a baby. When the picture was finished, I used your digital painting technique to make a photo brush at least one inch from the paper, and paint it on the picture. The brush will look just like our paper picture but you can use a different ink for different backgrounds!

For the end result, you’ll receive an image that looks like this:

Now create another one from different backgrounds: just like the previous one, but this time, have a small area for the boy holding the baby on his shoulders.

To make the image even more realistic, it is best to create separate circles of the main color blended and fill them with colors.

The gallery contains 6 images each of a black and white print, a red, white and grey print, a white and yellow print, a blue print and a blue print with green background and red, green and yellow text in a color wheel.

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