The best time with your friends is the weekdays! We’re celebrating our Bubble Time milestone of 5 years! We’re hosting a bubble-stamp party on Tuesday night featuring live entertainment, face painting, bubble balloons, bubble rings, and a giant Bubble Time teddy bear!

Be sure to bring:
  • A bubble-stamp to mark your arrival at the party!
  • Lots of bubble candy including Twinkies! We’re going for the sweet, sweet sweet candy!
  • A bubble teddy bear! We promise it will fit.

Come out, play the bubble bubble game on our Bubble Time teddy bear or play an amazing game of Bubble Time, just like on Nickelodeon Kids!

Spikey the Bubble Bobble debuted in A Fidgety Fowl’s Tale!, under the ownership of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, taking over Fluttershy’s home in Painted Friendship. As time went on, Spikey became a much larger annoyance to Twilight Sparkle. When Twilight asked her to send some more toys for Spikey to keep the home in check, Twilight decided to give them all to Spikey by giving him the entire collection of Fidgety Fowl Toys, which Spikey immediately loved.

Spikey was later placed under Spikey’s care and he returned to his roots in Hoofington Bay to find his dream of a better life being ripped away from him.

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