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Hey, Writer!

Yes, Your’re A Great Writer.

Yes, you’re a great writer. And you deserve to make a great living from writing articles, right? But maybe you don’t know what to do next to reach your goals. Do you sometimes feel confused and overwhelmed? Like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting traction?

It’s ok; you’re not alone.

That was pretty much it for the conversation. I could just tell we had a lot of similarities in how we approached our work, but I still liked that he wasn’t expecting it.

As he later admitted to me afterwards, I had a lot of my feelings towards him hurt on this occasion. I’m not really one to argue with his opinions; I really respect the work he does and I believe he has a lot of his passion out for writing and having a voice within the industry when it comes to his vision.

Nevertheless, he and he are close friends, which is why I had no issue taking to heart what I saw as a somewhat obvious comment that he made to me.

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